Personal Loans

Do you need a personal loan? 1st Resource Credit Union offers low interest rates on our personal loans, allowing you to pay for things like school, a wedding, debt consolidation, and more.

Advantages of Taking Out a Personal Loan

Personal loans have many attributes that you can take advantage of that may make them right for you.

  • They don’t require any collateral – Meaning if you have little to no equity, you can still get approved.
  • Low Interest Rates – Interest rates are lower than credit card rates
  • Fixed Interest Rates – Personal loans come with fixed rates so it is easier to budget throughout the payment process.

Some Uses for a Personal Loan

Debt Consolidation

You may have credit card debt or other personal loan debt at a high interest rate. Using a personal loan with a low interest rate, you can consolidate your debts, cutting your interest rates, and ultimately saving you money.


If education costs are too great, it is a good decision to look into personal loans. It is a wise decision to do some research and shop around for a personal loan with the lowest interest rate to cover your education costs.


Many people take out personal loans to pay for portions or their entire wedding.

Fixing Up Your Home

It is a great idea to take out a personal loan for home makeovers, especially if you believe the money put into the house will make the value increase.

Paying bills

You may have larger bills that need to be paid, such as uninsured medical bills or veterinary bills. This is a great use of a personal loan, to put you at ease about these bills.

Members of 1st Resource Credit Union may apply for a personal loan. The maximum personal loan is $15,000 and the maximum term is 60 months/5 years. Personal loans are approved based on the member’s employment and credit worthiness and are subject to Loan Policy underwriting guidelines as approved by the Board of Directors.

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