Deposit Accounts


Deposit Accounts Offered: 

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s)

1st Resource Credit Union offers two types of IRA’s, Traditional and Roth. Traditional IRA’s are contributions to an IRA made on a pre-tax basis. Traditional IRA’s lower gross annual income and can lower tax liabilities in some cases. There are substantial penalties for withdrawals made on traditional IRA’s before age 59 ½. Learn more!

Share Accounts

New Share Savings Accounts must have a minimum initial deposit of $5.00. This $5.00 is your share (ownership) in the Credit Union and is what gives you voting rights at Annual Meetings and any Special Called Meeting.  After the first $5.00, you can deposit unlimited amounts of money into this interest-bearing account. Interest accrues daily on the ‘average daily balance’ and dividends are posted on the last day of each calendar quarter. Learn more!

Share Certificate Accounts

Super CD Kickoff is a limited time CD offer that will pay you 1.25% APY. This CD pays monthly dividends and those dividends can roll into your CD or you can receive a monthly check. The minimum deposit for this type of CD is $10,000. Learn more!

Share Draft Accounts

Share Draft accounts are transactional checking accounts. Any member that has a Share account can have one of the offered Share Draft accounts. The type of Share Draft account a member may obtain will be based on their credit score. Members with credit scores equal to or above 650 will be eligible for the Platinum Draft account which has no has no monthly service charge. Learn more!