Share Draft Accounts


Share Draft accounts are transactional checking accounts. Any member that has a Share account can have one of the offered Share Draft accounts. The type of Share Draft account a member may obtain will be based on their credit score. Members with credit scores equal to or above 650 will be eligible for the Platinum Draft account which has no has no monthly service charge. Members whose credit scores are equal to or below 649 will be eligible for the Regular Share Draft account which will have a $7.95 monthly service charge. There are no minimum balance requirements on either Draft account. Members are required to purchase check on each Draft account if they want to use them. Each Draft account can be opened with a deposit of as little as $15.00. Electronic deposits can be made into Draft accounts via direct deposit from any company that offers direct deposit to its employees.

To enhance both Draft accounts, 1st Resource Credit Union offers free MasterCard Check/Debit card or regular ATM card.

Members can have electronic deduction (debits) items such as utility payments, insurance premiums, health club dues, and loan payments to other financial institutions, taken from their Draft account at 1st Resource Credit Union.

1st Resource Credit Union reserves the right to close any Draft account that has excessive return items, NSF’s, or negative balances.