Online Service Tutorials


At 1st Resource Credit Union, we are greatly concerned for our member’s personal banking information security. With this in mind, our member setup for e-Branch Banking is more complex that just a few computer clicks. To establish this service, please follow these guidelines:

– Call one of our branches during normal business hours and advise one of our member support staff that you wish to be setup e-Branch Banking
– Be prepared to identify yourself over the phone by answering questions concerning your account information from our support staff so that they feel comfortable knowing who you are
– You must have a valid email account (either a work or personal email account)
– Our support staff will supply you with a unique e-Branch user ID (be prepared to jot it down as you speak with our staff)
– Shortly, you will receive an email to the email address you supplied to 1st Resource Credit Union and it will contain a unique Password for our e-Branch Banking
– You must have both a User ID and password to sign in and setup the e-Branch Banking with 1st Resource Credit Union
– Click Here to enter the secured site for e-Branch Banking
– The first time you attempt to sign in to e-Branch Banking you will perform an initial setup which will include answering security questions (these answers are case sensitive) and picking out a Security picture that will be visible each time you sign in to your account
– If you ever attempt to sign in to your e-Branch Banking account with 1st Resource Credit Union and this security picture is not displayed, exit out immediately and notify a Member Service Employee at 1st Resource Credit Union during normal business hours
– During the setup process, you can establish one computer that you will use a majority of the time to log in to e-Branch Banking and the security questions will not be asked when you are using that computer. Any other computer that you use to sign into e-Branch Banking will be required to answer the security questions
– Once you are all the way in 1st Resource Credit Union’s e-Branch Banking and are reviewing your accounts, if you choose, you can go to the ‘Preferences’ tab and change the user ID and password to something easy for you alone to remember
– Remember to never share your e-Branch user ID or Password with anyone who is not a co-owner on your account and never leave copies of your user ID or passwords laying around
– If you ever attempt to sign into e-Branch Banking and you mistype your information wrongly three times or more, you will get locked out of e-Branch Banking. You then must call the Credit Union during normal business hours and get a support staff person to reset your account
– On our e-Branch Banking account platform, you can request and see all accounts that you are co-owner on such as family member accounts


If you don’t have a 1st Resource Credit Union checking account, you can receive your savings and loan account statements via e-Delivery.

Here’s how to establish e-Delivery:

– Click Here to visit our Enrollment Form
– This takes you to the ‘Terms and Conditions of 1st Resource Credit Union E-Branch’ to which you can agree and go to the ‘1st Resource Credit Union E-Branch e-Document Enrollment Request
– On this page you must fill in an email address (either employment or personal email address), Security Code (the last 4 digits of the primary member’s social security number), and your account number with 1st Resource Credit Union
– Then click ‘submit’

You will now receive emails from 1st Resource Credit Union advising you as to when your statements are available. Each email from 1st Resource Credit Union will contain a unique Document ID that you will enter once you click here to login. Your statements are available for you to review and/or print.


This is a new and exciting service now available. e-Loan will allow you to close your loan with 1st Resource Credit Union without having to come to one of our branches. Because each loan request is unique, one of our Loan Personnel can advise you on the details of how to obtain a loan with 1st Resource Credit Union by utilizing e-Loan. All loans are subject to our normal loan underwriting guidelines.